As graduated Jazz drummer

... of the „Prins Claus Conservatoir“, in Groning, The Netherlands,
Nils has received a high level of training which is broad-based and
well geared to the labour market.

As part of his studies he assembled a diverse repertoire including
jazz-related music styles such as cross-over, latin, fusion and soul.
Performing music (solo and in chamber music) was the key
competency of the course, assessed through mandatory
performances, projects and master classes.

The degree program placed particular emphasis on the acquisition
of general and specific musical skills including aural training,
composition, arranging and music technology to enhance the
professional competence of the students.

Nils chose the additional teacher training course to further develop
his teaching skills through a comprehensive package of teaching
subjects. In addition he gained manifold practical experience by
undertaking work placements in the professional field.